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  Kemlin Hart

Born into the industry he has been divulged into firearms his entire life.  He has been shooting since he was 3 years old and continues to do so on a regular basis.  Kemlin is familiar and has knowledge in everything firearm related.  Much of his free time is spent machining firearm related products including his patent pending barrel.  He is the FFL holder for the business as well as the S.O.T. holder.  While the number of plaques on the wall is low, Kemlin is the onsite gunsmith, who has learned from hands on experience and is a certified Smith & Wesson armorer.

Kemlin has been a pyro since a very young age.  He holds a federal explosives license and an Iowa blasters license.  He puts on a fireworks display a few times a year and enjoys time with high explosives.  When he is not busy at work he likes to spend time with his wife Amy, daughter Athena and son Toye who are all shooters.  He also enjoys hunting and fishing as well as anything with a motor.

  Chad Colby

His passion for all things firearm related drives him to be one of the best.  Chad has more training under his belt than you will find at most gun shops combined.  Specializing in response readiness and firearms training Chad has the knowledge to get you what you need.  Constantly continuing his education, he teaches firearm courses for carry permits as well as self-defense shooting courses.  He is also actively involved in the River City Rifle Pistol Club and possesses following credentials:
  • Certified Combat Focus Shooting instructor
  • NRA Certified Instructor in multiple disciplines
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
  • Alumni of Suarez International High Risk Operations courses
  • Alumni of Suarez International Close Range Gun Fighting
  • Glock certified armorer
  • Smith & Wesson certified armorer

On his free time Chad enjoys spending time with his wife Lacie and his dog Hunter as well as with his friends and family.  Chad also enjoys fast shiny things that make corners tight and get there quicker.  Additionally he likes long walks on the local beaches and grilling in an apron.


  Will Arnold

Will got into hunting and shooting scene at a young age, participated in the youth trap shooting program at Venutra Gun Club. So firearms have always been a passion of his. Fast forward some years, he enlisted into The United States Marine Corps where he served for four and a half years as an infantryman. During his time he deployed twice to far off lands and became very proficent with many weapon systems such as the M4 carbine, M249 SAW, M240 Bravo, M203 40mm grenade launcher, and etc. He enjoyed learning and conducting combat operations, military tactics, shooting fully automatic weapons, combat focused medical treatment and playing with explosives.

After the Corps, he worked at a gun store while attending school in Illinois to expand his medical knowledge and became a licensed EMT and graduted with a degree in Fire Science. Moved back home to Mason City and started working at Hart Brothers in November of 2016. In his free time he enjoys hanging out with his girlfriend Danielle, his daughter Aubrie, his dog Brutus along with friends and family. Also enjoys going boating, being outdoors, and tator tots.




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